Joshua’s Story

Joshua Minton’s parents did what many parents do when looking for child care. They asked family, friends and neighbors for recommendations. They selected a provider for their son Joshua. They didn’t know that the provider had been cited over a period of years for numerous safety violations in state inspection reports. Several times, the provider had been cited for inappropriate discipline. Nevertheless, she remained licensed, and the Minton’s did not know of her history. They only knew that she had been caring for children for years and seemingly had good recommendations.

On the day that 2-year-old Joshua died, the provider had taped his mouth shut with masking tape presumably because he was whiney. After Joshua died, the state revoked the provider’s license. She was charged and found guilty. Given her history of repeat violations cited in inspection reports, what does it take to close down a child care provider? Oklahoma changed its law. But, many other states allow repeated violations without revoking a license or prohibiting children whose care is paid for with a federal or state subsidy from attending. It’s time to ensure that children are safe in child care.

Hear the story of Joshua Minton.


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